The Music Of Gary Hunter

The Music Of Jean Michel Jarre

The Music Of Jean Michel Jare

(An Electronic Tribute To Jean Michel Jarre)


01. Souvenir Of China

02. Oxygene (Part 4)

03. Magnetic Fields (Part 1)

04. Rendezvous (Part 4)

05. Equinox (Part 4)

06. Industrial Revolution

07. Rendezvous (Part 2)

08. Equinox (Part 1)e

09. Oxygene (Part 6)

10. Equinox (Part 5)



This is an album of Jean Michel

Jarre cover versions I have


This is a recording originally made in 1991 of a set of Jean Michel Jarre Cover Versions. 10 tracks in total were recorded for an album called "The Music Of Jean Michel Jarre".


The tracks have recently been remastered and showcase a unique album featuring some of his most popular compositions, including, "Equinox (Part 5", "Oxygene (Part 4)" PLUS an astonishing 8 minute plus version of "Rendezvous (Part 2".


You can listen to "Equinox (Part 5)" here


You can listen to "Oxygene (Part 4)" here


You can listen to "Oxygene (Part 6)" here

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