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I am 47 years old and come from Manchester in the UK. I live with my partner Pam and our daughter Charlotte who is already showing a keen interest in music (see photo above for evidence!).


I have had a passion for music for years and have built up a massive vinyl & CD collection. My interest in creating music started in 1979 when I saw this pale faced bloke called Gary Numan front a band called Tubeway Army on Top Of The Pops playing a song called "Are Friends Electric?". The sound was completely different to what I had heard before and this was down to the use of an instrument called a Synthesizer! I never looked back after that.


My instrument collection now consists of, Korg M1, Roland Juno 6, Roland Juno-D, 2 x CM64 Sound Modules, Yamaha RY30 Drum Machine and a TR626 Drum Machine as well as a massive collection of Virtual Synths & Drum Machines. I recently added a dedicated Midi Controller Keyboard to my set up, the X Board 49 E-MU.


Here is a brief synopsis of my music making history:


1989-1990 Set up my first band with a friend of mine, Ray Naughton, recording our own instrumental synthpop songs and recorded them on a very poor quality Amstrad 4 track recorder. I recently converted these demo tapes to CD and was really surprised at how good the material actually was!


1991-1998 Continued to write and record my own songs, again instrumental and cover versions, the best being a complete album of Jean Michel Jarre songs. Some of my original compositions were used on Railway Video releases. As I had upgraded my keyboards and started using an Atari ST computer to record my material I also re-recorded several of the songs I had recorded with Ray.


1998-2002 Recorded numerous Dance/Trance/Chillout tracks using Samples, Loops & Drum Machines. In total completed 6 CD's (4 Chillout/Lounge & 2 Dance albums) plus another 2 album's worth of material to be completed.


2002-2003 Recorded several Dance & Trance tracks with sampled vocals which will at some point be released, hopefully this year. Some of the songs produced are available on my Official Homepage for The Definition Of Sound and also on Myspace page for the project The Definition Of Sound.


2003-2004 Made new recordings of some of the original tracks I recorded with Ray from 1989-1990. In addition I transferred all the old Demo's recorded with Ray from tape to CD.


2004-2005 Remastered several albums worth of material recorded using Samples, Loops & Drum Machines. This included instrumental dance tracks and various Chillout tracks. You will see all these albums in the "CD's Recorded" section and also om my official Homepage for The Definition Of Sound.


2005-2008 Returned to recording using Synthesizers & Drum Machines and Virtual Synths. Recorded more original compositions for a new album called "The Grey Room" and cover versions (including a complete album of Kraftwerk covers) and done 15 demo's for a future project, a soundtrack album which again I am hoping to return to during 2009.


2009 - I Continue to work on more electronic tracks for the album "The Grey Room" and also recorded more cover versions including a collaboration with a Swedish singer Linda Haarberg on a Yazoo track "Bad Connection". This year also finally sees the launch of an official web site! The release of 4 remastered Lounge/Chillout CD's (available to buy on here or from my Official The Definition Of Sound Homepage and 2 Dance CD's.


2010 - Currently working on the album "The Grey Room", recording brand new vocals for each track and have also started work on an electronic Chill-Out album called "The Garden Of Surreal Dreams" which features completely new recordings of tracks originally done in demo form for a Soundtrack album, using the new reFX Nexus 2 synth.


2011/2012 - Summer 2012 sees the release of my electronic Chill-Out album "The Garden Of Surreal Dreams".

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